Luisa Dumas

At heart, I am a maker. I aspire to be:
Luminous - brightening the world with my creations.
Unique - and always be looking for a fresh perspective.
Imaginative - with ideas light the way forward.
Spirited - kindling the flame with care and patience.
Adventurous - when one path doesn't work, able to adapt quickly and try another path.

I have studied Music Performance, Music Composition, Education and Interactive Media Design. And I have worked professionally as a Musician, Composer, Educator, Graphic Designer, Social Media Marketer, Illustrator and Animator. In my off time, you might find me crocheting amigurumi, exploring the physics of ice skating, or examining the rocks and shells that have washed up on the North Shore in Prince Edward Island.

My favourite phrase is "Did you know..." - followed by my latest fun discovery. What will it be today?